The Doug Dayton Show is a refreshingly contemporary and engaging Christian broadcast that not only entertains, but addresses FCC ascertainments on a regular basis. The format of the show is modular and you can play it at any time, as many times as you want.

Here is why you should syndicate the Doug Dayton Show:

  • The show is structured with 5 broadcasts each week. The length of each show is 27:55, two minutes for locals and 5 seconds for Legal ID.
  • Although most syndicates choose to air the show Monday through Friday, the segments are not day/date specific. You could stack the shows and play them for a two and a half hour block.
  • The shows are delivered via Dropbox with the link sent on Sunday evenings.
  • You will also receive a quarterly excel file that is brandable for your station that documents the FCC ascertainments and the episode each ascertainment was included in. You can simply drop the document in your filing cabinet and you are good to go.


The Doug Dayton show started as a local broadcast on 87.7 the Fountain, quickly becoming the stations number one show. Robert Cortez, the station manager, stated that the show gained immediate traction with their listeners. Although the Doug Dayton show is a Christian Contemporary / Inspirational format, it has gained a significant following as a crossover show that entertains non-Christians as well.


Syndication with the Doug Dayton Show is simple. Simply review the below information and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This will take you to the syndicates area, where you will be added to our syndicates list and the download link for the show will be emailed to you the following week.. You may air the show as frequently as you want at any time. Let us know the details of the broadcast and we will produce spots as frequently as needed. Click the link below to listen to a sample of the Show.

Syndicate Information

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As a syndicate of the Doug Dayton Show, you will receive:

  • The freedom to broadcast the show at any time, as many times as you want. We simply ask that you communicate what times that the show will be broadcast.
  • We will produce spots as frequently as needed.
  • We will  place a rolling banner add for your station on our website. If you have a website where you will be broadcasting the show, we can provide one of our banner ads if you wish to display it.
  • We will plug your station via social media to 48.5K Twitter Followers, 14.9K Instagram Followers, and 8.5K Facebook Fans.

We make the process of syndication as simple as possible, If you would like to become a syndicate, simply fill out the above form and you will be directed to our syndicates area.