Why I Cut / Injure Myself…

Are you a cutter? I am looking for insight into why someone would participate in cutting.  There are some interesting testimonies that I have already heard that will give you a unique perspective inside the mind of a cutter. If you are a cutter / ex-cutter, please take a moment to tell us your story. To protect your identity please do not put your real name in the name box. I have decided to keep this totally anonymous so that people will be honest.

I want to write an article to teach pastors and counselors about cutting. I have my own perspective, as I used to cut and carve myself as a teenager. I still have scars, but I want others to learn from my scars. This is an opportunity for someone to learn from your scars.  I want to challenge you to be brave, to be bold, to be honest. AGAIN, Please do not give your real name, address, phone number or any information that will allow people to identify you. If you are willing to raise your voice, please note there is no right or wrong thing to say, just speak your heart.

Please let us know some of the following about you:

  • What is your current  age?
  • How old you were when you started cutting?
  • What does cutting do for you?
  • How do you feel before / after?
  • Please tell about your family life.
  • Is there anyone who influenced you to cut?
  • Do you ever cut with friends?
  • Please tell us anything that you think needs to be said.

Below is a list of links and hotlines for self-injury support:

  • Self Injury Helpline:             1-800-DONT CUT       (            1-800-366-8288      )
  • Self-Help: Organized and otherwise This section contains a variety of ways that you can stop yourself from making that cut or burn or bruise right now.
  • Mirror Mirror: Specializing in Eating Disorders but this is a great SI page.
  • Helpguide: “The number of young people who participate in acts of self-mutilation is growing. Recovery is a continuous process and learning how to stop this addictive behavior is within your reach if you work at it.”
  • American Self Harm Information Clearinghouse: Strives to increase public awareness of the phenomenon of self-inflicted violence and the unique challenges faced by self-injurers and the people who care about them.
  • Secret Shame: Lots of good stuff in here.

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