We live in a world today that has drastically different viewpoints on abortion. There was a discussion about pro-life political candidates, which was getting a little heated, and I immediately chimed in with my support of the pro-life movement. The group was evenly divided between people who supported the pro-life standpoint and others who supported the right to choose. It was interesting to witness the comradery between the pro-life people in this group, which was clearly polarized, while the others simmered in frustration. This conversation was heated because several people believed that every mother should have the right to choose abortion. The pro-choice advocates also stated that the pro-life paradigm was old-fashioned and irrelevant to today’s society. They also believed that difficult circumstances justify termination.  Life is not subject to cultural relevance, difficult circumstances, or convenience. Life is sacred and should be preserved.

Some people view abortion as a choice, convinced that a fetus is not alive. A fetus is a baby, not an “it” or a “choice.” Pro-choice advocates claim that life does not begin at conception, stating that a fetus is only tissue. From the moment a child is conceived they rapidly start developing. In the first 5 weeks a child develops its basic body structure and heartbeat. Although an unborn child does not have the opportunity to experience life outside of the womb until birth, it does not negate the fact that there is a beating heart, eyes, ears, fingers and toes inside the womb. It takes a great deal to convince an open minded, pregnant mother that the baby that is kicking inside of her womb is a lifeless piece of flesh. Life begins at conception and we need to preserve it.

Abortion is a modern-day form of child sacrifice.  Ancient child sacrifices were performed on altars as a ritual to gods.  Modern-day child sacrifices are performed as abortions on the altar of choice and convenience.  People have been sacrificing their children for thousands of years. The thought that a pro-life advocate is old-fashioned is ludicrous. That would imply that abortion is a recent evolution in human behavior.  There are accounts of child sacrifice throughout the Old Testament.  Pro-choice advocates would have you believe that opposing abortion is an indication that you are old-fashioned, and not culturally relevant. The problem with this thinking is that it implies that at some point of mental, emotional, or spiritual enlightenment, it becomes acceptable to sacrifice a child. We should never become comfortable with child sacrifice. Each generation will have different moral and cultural opinions; however the preservation of life transcends all generational boundaries.

Millions of people experience horrible, difficult circumstances every day. Sometimes people use their circumstances to justify termination of their pregnancy. I had a personal experience debating this mindset. I once shared my point of view on abortion and a frustrated woman barked, “What if the woman is raped? Do you expect the woman to keep it?” This woman made it sound like the majority of abortions were performed on rape victims. The truth is that only 1% of all abortions occur because of rape or incest; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient.) ( Do not believe that the vocal minority represents the silent majority. Pro-choice advocates inflate the numbers and statistics to make people feel better about their decision to terminate.  The number one reason that people abort their child is because “it” would be an inconvenience.   Innocent life should not be sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Some pro-choice advocates boast that there are many cases where an abortion is medically the best thing for a mother. In all actuality, there are a miniscule amount of circumstances where abortion would be medically beneficial to the mother. On the contrary, there are many medical disadvantages to the mother when a pregnancy is terminated. Someone very close to me had an abortion 20 years ago and still struggles with the mental torment from this situation. Abortion is mentally and emotionally taxing, and is something that will haunt the mother for the rest of her life.

As human beings, it is imperative to our progress that we take a stand for the unborn. Whether people convince themselves that women should have the right to choose abortion, that a pro-life standpoint is old-fashioned, or that difficult circumstances justify termination, we must champion the preservation of innocent life.

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